Surrounded by Idiots

I don’t know how I’m going to get anything done when I’m surrounded by idiots. That dumbo Liam Fox briefed all the reptiles in the press that he was going to make  a major speech at the WTO. Everyone assumed we’d finally got some ideas as to what “Brexit means Brexit” actually means  and were going to share it with the world. Then when he makes his speech what does he say? NOTHING.  Just a lot of meaningless platitudes – e.g

“There will be no legal vacuum but this will not stop us pursuing a more liberalised trade agenda in the future.”

Then he waffled on about WTO rules and schedules in a way which reveals he’s not so much out of his depth as drowning. How are supposed to get on with managing this disaster with idiots like him carrying the ball?

Note to self – I wonder what the WTO actually does? Must find out! pip pip!

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