Old Dinosaurs

Some old dinosaurs just will not shut up. Take that Ken Clarke – do you know what he has  just told the New Statesman

“Nobody in the government has the first idea of what they are going to do next on the Brexit front”

Utter piffle.Our glorious leader has told the world that “Brexit means Brexit” and its all perfectly clear. Liam has got all the trade stuff under control – apparently  we’re going to have a glorious free trade agreement with Europe, and lots of other lovely trade agreements with everyone else. What could be simpler?  Then we stop johnny foreigner coming here uninvited (never mind about NHS workers, elderly care, agriculture, construction and all those industries that need them) and before you know it we’re back to being a glorious Empire once again!  Any trouble from anyone and we should just send a gun boat – thats what I say!

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