Avoiding disaster

The legal eagles have come up with what they say is a cunning wheeze to avoid disaster in the Supreme Court. They are suggesting we change tack and argue that giving an Article 50 notice is  in fact reversible and we can withdraw it later if we feel like it – and so we can say Parliament does not need  a say until we have a final agreement – as we can always then wriggle out of the Article 50 notice if Parliament says no.

Now I’m not a lawyer but one slight flaw occurs to me – the question of whether an Article 50 notice is reversible might be  a question of European law and need a reference to the European Court to see if that is correct. Which will introduce oodles of delay  (more like March 2020 than March 2017 to sort that one out) and will  no doubt have Murdoch, Rothermere et al and their ghastly rags foaming at the mouth….

should I tell our glorious leader????

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