Must read the Treaty of Rome!

Bit of a blooper here – gave an interview to some obscure Czech rag, and said  a few things that it turns out aren’t quite right. Specifically I seem to have said that  “It’s a total myth – nonsense. It is stupid to say that freedom of movement is a fundamental right.The Brownian motion of people across Europe is not something that was in the founding Treaty of Rome in 1957, it was not in the Nice Treaty, and it was not in the Maastricht Treaty. It’s something that has been acquired by a series of decisions by the courts.  And everyone now has in his head that every human being has a fundamental, God-given right to go and move wherever he wants. But it is not. It was never a founding principle of the European Union. It’s a complete myth. Total myth.”

For good measure I went on to say“The idea that freedom of movement is a fundamental right of the EU is just bollocks.”

Afraid all of that  that was Planet Boris talking and  its now been pointed out to me that the Treaty of Rome does actually say that:

“the activities of the Community shall include…… the abolition, as between Member States, of obstacles to freedom of movement for persons…..”


Apparently that is in Article 3 and not exactly buried in the small print! I really must read this stuff one day…


Oh dear – perhaps it wasn’t that wise to have said its all “bollocks”

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