Welcome to my Brexit Diaries – but before diving in lets remind ourselves how we got here.

A quick recap – I’ve always known I’d make a great PM and it was obvious the only way to get there was to outflank that little swot Osborne – easy move as I could lead a glorious crusade for Brexit, come a magnificent second, everyone loves a loser, all the Tory Europhobe donkeys will love me, Bob’s your uncle and in a year or two when Dopey Dave


quits I’m in line for PM. But blow me down we’ve won! That wasn’t in the plan. What the f*** do we do now?

Plan A – go for PM now! And then that little twat Gove stabs me in the back and we’re up the creek without a paddle.  Plan B – exit stage left!  And would you believe it the Tory donkeys make TM PM, largely because she kept her head down and said b**gger all throughout the whole Brexit tissue of lies campaign. And in a fit of surprising cunning she puts me squarely in the firing line for actually delivering something, along with those two feeble idiots Fox and Davis. Cripes, how do I get out of this one…

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