My List of Brexit Fibs

Just in case the you-know-what ever hits the fan, I’m keeping a list of all the whoppers that have been told so we all know who to blame:

We Send the EU £350 million a week. Lets fund our NHS Instead. Vote leave.” – emblazoned on the side of our tour bus.

Vote Leave Save the NHS” found as strap line on various Leave Campaign material.

Turkey is Joining the EU” plastered on huge billboards around the country.

“Taking back control is a careful change, not a sudden stop – we will negotiate the terms of a new deal before we start any legal process to leave” – statement in Leave campaign’s brochure

There is a free trade zone from Iceland to Turkey and the Russian border and we will be part of it” – statement in Leave campaign’s brochure .

Plans to create a European Army are being kept secret from British Voters until after the referendum” – articles in the Telegraph, Sun, Daily Mail etc.

“Immigration will continue out of control putting public services like the NHS under strain”.

The EU comprises “unelected politicians in Brussels” – front page of Leave campaign’s website (which states “We should stop sending £350 million per week to unelected politicians in Brussels”).

Over half our laws are made by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who we have never voted for “ – statement in Leave campaign’s brochure.